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Let Wisebox help you

Let WiseBox Help you


Grow Revenue

Shorter Sales Cycles


Reduce Costs

Stop wasting time, automated redundant tasks, eliminate double entries.


Attract New Customers

Capture new leads instantly and from anywhere


Get Your Team On The Same Page

Stop Wasting Time


Inspire Customer Loyalty

Build long term loyalty and improve customer relationships.


Integrated Systems That Talk

WiseBox grows and adapts as your business evolves.


Manufacturing & SME Specific

Build for companies like yours.

Why WiseBox?

Why WiseBox


Efficient: On demand Cloud eliminates server and on site IT costs.

Integrated: Task Automation, CRM, Inventory, Freight & Delivery, Sales, Quoting/Billing and more

Centralization: Eliminate spreadsheets and juggling multiple systems

Anywhere: Use WiseBox from anywhere that has internet or mobile access

Platform: Only use and pay for what you need. Add as you grow

How you work: WiseBox adapts to you not other way around

Data Stored in Canada: Backed up, private and meets the highest security ratings.

Customize: Tell us what functionalities you need

No upgrade costs: Automated upgrades give you the best updated version

Cost Effective: Less than the cost of an employee cell phone plan. Unlike others that cost $1000’s to $10’s of thousands of dollars.

Local to BC Fraser Valley: It’s refreshing to know who you’re dealing with and what they stand for. In today’s global market it’s still nice to look someone you do business with in the eye.

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Business process automation (BPA)

WiseBox works with you to design a strategy to automate processes in order to contain costs and free up time. This could consist of integrating applications, restructuring labor focus and using applications that communicate with each other throughout the organization.
Here at WiseBox we love many of the old school ways of doing business like respect, and doing what you say you’re going to do. However, the old school way of not having real time information nor having software that integrates or communicates are not things we will miss! Respect the past and celebrate the now.

Supply Production Process and Sales Mean Inventory Logistics

What does BPA do?

Grow and Scale Your Business

Allow employees to work in a single system. Gain one view into all your companies operations and data allowing you and your team to better coordinate activities and serve customers. Make your entire operations more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and accessible from anywhere.