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Whether you are small, medium or large


Whether you are small, medium or large organization the bottom line for effectively leveraging IT applications is to gain uncommon competitive advantage or at least keep up with the industry before you get left behind. With most business environments that begins with providing a sound estimate for your products or services.

A well-integrated and easy to use platform for delivering automated and simple quoting system is key. The challenge is typically “how can we pull information from several standalone systems to generate an effective and precise quote”; the answer is a flexible business application platform that allows to securely pull information to generate fast and efficient, customer facing quotations. No more hand writing quotes,  keeping information in spread sheets or word documents; instantly generate and send PDF’s to your customers, all though a single system.

WiseBOX quoting system can fundamentally change the way a company can achieves high performance. The WiseBOX solution can quickly provide an automated and well integrated portal to allow:

– Selection of products for quoting from drop down lists for ease of use
– Error minimization
– Validation for correct data entry and calculations
– Quote tracking
– Customer management
– A single point of access for managers and reps to access data and records for past quotes & invoices