Is my data secure?

Here are our details on WiseBox data security:
• Location chosen specifically for low disaster risks including:
• Natural hazards – fire, flood, seismic etc.
• Manmade hazards – e.g. proximity to railways, highways, airports
• 100% Canadian owned company, in business since 1999. Data remains in Canada and not accessible to anyone but you!
• High security environment
• Walls are 12” of concrete
• Dual factor authentication logged access control
• CCTV monitoring
• Waterless fire suppression system.
• High Availability VMware environment –auto failover
• Full redundancy, no single point of failure!
• Enterprise class servers storage, routers and switches
• Multiple major Internet providers in BGP configuration for auto failover if Internet connection is lost
Answer is yes, your data is secure. WiseBox has gone the extra mile to make sure your data is secure, backed up and stored in Canada.

How does my existing data get into WiseBox?

Just provide your existing data to the WiseBox team and we’ll do the rest. Let is know if you need help or you’re not sure how to export your data. It doesn’t matter which program you have been using, we have been doing data migration for years and although every situation is unique, we will get it done. Every new customer gets 3 Free hours of set up and data migration.

How long is my contract?
WiseBox doesn’t lock you into a long term contract because we are confident you will love what it does for your business. We also know you’ll love the value it brings in relation to the low price point. You can cancel WiseBox any time and are billed for the last month you used. If you cancel mid-month the bill will be prorated.

Do you offer a free trial?
If you want to try WiseBox before committing, you can request access to our demo site. However nothing will be custom to how you personally work and it’s hard to see the full potential, but it will give you a small glimpse into power it has. The best way to experience WiseBox is to import your data jump in with two feet and see the benefits work for you first hand.

Why do we store our data in Canada?
Laws regarding the storage of personal data records are different in each province and state, but below is our rational for this decision.
History: After the 911 attack in New York there were some news laws introduced, ie The PATRIOT Act, that specifically allowed the FBI’s to obtain access to all foreign records and documents stored on US servers including medical records. This new law didn’t sit well with many people including many foreign countries and certain Canadian provinces. Many Canadian provinces introduced legislation ordering public sector organizations to store all personally identifiable information records on Canadian servers. These laws only apply to the public sector, not to private businesses and clinics and some Canadian provinces have no such legislation in place.
WiseBox stores your data on Canadian servers and we take your privacy and your customers/patients’ privacy extremely seriously. Our Canadian medical clients NEED to have their medical records stored in Canada. For the rest of our customers we thought it would be best to keep that same high level of security and data backup for all of you, which gives us peace of mind as should it you. We thought it was best not to put your company and customer data under the eye of “big brother” (watch the movie Citizen Four) so to be extra safe we keep all of the data in our home country of Canada. We love American’s we just like to keep your information and our data private.

What happens if you lose internet connection?
If your office or clinic’s wifi or internet access stops working don’t sweat. You can access WiseBox and BSO from any mobile device. You can also 3G-enabled your tablet or phone to a laptop and get back on your WiseBox/BSO that way. If you have current issues with your internet please contact WiseBox ASAP as we have relationships with service providers that can provide you with high speed reliable internet which is also backed up instantly with a wireless Modem if your land connection happens to fail.

What if I want to leave WiseBox?
No problem. If you want to leave WiseBox all of your data will be provided to you at your request.

What hours is the support team available?
Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm (Pacific time)

Emergency Hours:
Monday to Friday 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Pacific Time)
Saturday 8:00am – 1:00 pm